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Welcome to the circle of liberal religious people working to advance justice for women and girls and promote their spiritual growth.

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UUWF Seeks Strategic Planning Consultant

The Unitarian Universalist Women’s Federation (UUWF) has initiated a Request for Proposal (RFP) process to identify a vendor qualified to design and execute a strategic visioning and comprehensive planning process.

The UUWF is at an interesting point in its organizational development. We have undergone a number of board and staff changes recently. We are in a time of transition within our board, moving from a task-oriented board to a more visionary and leadership focus. As such, we are considering hiring an Executive Director. Additionally, we are examining our outward focus – seeking to more cohesively and intersectionally address the spiritual growth of women-identified people.

We are looking for a consultant to work with us to create a three-year strategic plan through a comprehensive, data-driven, and participatory process. The work will take place between July 1 and October 31, 2019. Deadline for proposals has been extended to May 31st. Full details are available here.


Marti Keller Retires from UUWF Position

Rev. Marti Keller

With much love, and a little sadness, the UUWF announces that Rev. Marti Keller has retired from her role as UUWF minister. Rev. Keller will continue as consulting minister in Auburn, AL and with her work on the board of UU for Jewish Awareness. She is also starting a new blog — a writing ministry, as she describes it — titled, “Still Visible.”

Marti came into her most recent position at UUWF after having been involved with the organization in different roles for nearly 20 years. A career minister, Marti was an arts & culture journalist in her early professional years and moved into working for women and children’s causes, including her leadership at Planned Parenthood. Her call to the ministry arose from the desire to be more personally involved with those most impacted in the issues she felt passionate about. Her involvement in UUWF was a natural extension of her call to ministry for women.

During Marti’s time on the board, the organization became the steward of the Marjorie Bowens-Wheatley scholarship, supporting those who identify as women of color to obtain professional certification. Her introduction to the organization was serving on the  Margaret Fuller Grants committee for six years, then Vice President of Communication, and as President of the UUWF for two terms. In 2015 she helped found the New Prophetic Sisterhood a network of UU woman-identified religious professionals, who covenant to affirm and promote equity and justice for women and girls and to lift up diverse feminisms.

UUWF President Claire Sexton says, “Marti has worked tirelessly as an advocate for women and girls. As a key part of the UUWF, she helped build the organization and found a place to support women in ways that extended beyond funding alone. She remained connected to national issues impacting women, and participated in the broader movements around women’s issues and coalitions. She was particularly attentive to promoting UUWF to be a racially and generationally diverse organization, remaining pertinent to the ongoing efforts to promote gender justice and equity.”

UUA Communications Director John Hurley added, “I want to express my heartfelt congratulations to Marti on her retirement. I am profoundly grateful for the privilege of working with her over the years. Whether in her ministry in UU congregations or her service with UUs for Jewish Awareness and the UU Women’s Federation, Marti has exhibited a steadfast commitment to promoting our UU values in the world. Much of my work with Marti has been in the areas of social justice and public witness, and I have appreciated her expansive understanding of both the issues involved and how the media cover those issues. I am especially grateful for her UUWF work in recent years in speaking out against the assault upon women’s rights and in support of reproductive justice. I hope her retirement is filled with joy and peace… but I also hope she will continue to find opportunities to raise her voice for justice.”

The UUWF is grateful for Marti’s past service and her many contributions, and for inspiring future generations of women leaders in this movement.


The New Prophetic Sisterhood initiative (NPS)


The New Prophetic Sisterhood is a network of UU woman-identified religious professionals who covenant to affirm and promote equity and justice for women and girls and to lift up diverse feminisms. As individuals and as a body we use our voices in our congregations and communities to create more awareness of and prophetic public witness around issues that impact women and girls.

If you are a Unitarian Universalist woman-identified religious professional and are interested in being part of the NPS, please join us.

Looking for a Way to Honor Women?

UUWF’s Clara Barton Sisterhood is a great way to honor women aged 80 or more for their often unsung contributions to your religious community.

Learn how to honor a woman in your congregation.

Enrolled in 2018

Brooklyn, NY — Constance Newsom, here with Rev Ana Levy Lyons, honored by the Women’s Leadership Alliance at First Unitarian Church

Leaping From Our Spheres

Rev. Marti KellerDon’t miss the “little gems full of both passion and facts” in the Blog of UUWF’s Affiliated Minister, Rev. Marti Keller.

UUWF’s Affiliated Ministry