Advancing justice for women and girls and promoting their spiritual growth
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145_donate-buttonWelcome to the circle of liberal religious women and men working to advance justice for women and girls and promote their spiritual growth.

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UUA Presidential Candidates Interviewed by UUWF

Plenary V UU minister from Phoenix who will organize Phoenix events.. Photo/Nancy PierceIn March, the UUWF Board invited all three candidates for the office of UUA President to talk with us by video conference about issues affecting justice for women and girls.

Read the transcripts of those conversations.

UUWF Issues Statement on UUA

The United States of America was founded and fostered on many principles, both positive and negative. Two of those principles, spoken and unspoken, are white supremacy and misogyny. They are inextricably linked, along with a host of other identity-based oppressions. As an organization that was born of Women’s Auxiliaries in Unitarian and Universalist congregations, the UU Women’s Federation was created to fight against the subjugation of women. Existing within a greater culture of white supremacy, this sometimes happened at the expense of women of color.

As a board of five white, cisgender women, we know we have work to do. Not just the UU Women’s Federation, not just the Unitarian Universalist Association, but all white Unitarian Universalists must know that we have benefited from first the outright subjugation of people of color, and now the less obvious (but no less painful) pushing away, passing over because ‘you’ don’t ‘fit’ with the team.

Therefore, as the UUWF is committed to justice for women and girls and is an organization that recognizes that white supremacy and patriarchy are deeply intertwined, we support this call to deepen our understanding and hold up a mirror to ourselves and our institutions. We further commit to being an active part of the solution as Unitarian Universalism continues the journey of becoming a fully inclusive and equitable faith community. Indeed it is a moral imperative for groups and institutions to examine the pain we have caused members; not just in the past, but in the present and future.

General Assembly Programs

photo courtesy of Gloria Marvin

Reception: “UUWF/UUWR Breakfast Celebrates 40 Years of Women and Religion”
Thursday, June 22, 2017 at 7:30 a.m.
Hampton Inn & Suites Convention Center – Fulton
Join the UU Women’s Federation and UU Women and Religion for a breakfast celebrating the 40th anniversary of the UUA Women & Religion Resolution. We will enjoy food together and honor the women past and present who have helped bring about change in our movement around gender equity and justice.
RSVP requested, but not required.

Program: “Justice for Women and Girls” Sermon Award
Thursday, June 22 at 5:00 p.m.
Convention Center Room 220
Congratulations to Erin J. Walter, winner of the 2017 UUWF “Justice for Women and Girls” Sermon Award. Her sermon “From Eve to Hillary” will be featured at General Assembly, and we’ll invite lively conversation and action on the topics raised. Learn more about Erin here…

The New Prophetic Sisterhood initiative (NPS)


The New Prophetic Sisterhood is a network of fellowshipped self-identified UU women ministers and candidates for the ministry, who covenant to affirm and promote equity and justice for women and girls and to lift up diverse feminisms.

As individuals and as a body we use our voices in the pulpit and public square to create more awareness of and prophetic public witness around issues that impact women and girls. These include reproductive justice; economic and racial concerns; gender based violence; women and aging and the status of women in UUism. We will be Engaged, Empowered and Energized by our work together. Read more about NPS…

Looking for a Way to Honor Women?

Emmanuela Minnefield, Suzanne Murray, and Sarah Drewry

Emmanuela Minnefield, Suzanne Murray, and Sarah Drewry

UUWF’s Clara Barton Sisterhood is a great way to honor women aged 80 or more for their often unsung contributions to your religious community. Learn how to honor a woman in your congregation.

Enrolled in 2016

Lynn, MA — Emmanuela Minnefield, Suzanne Murray, Sarah Drewry, and Nancy Durkee (posthumously), honored by the Unitarian Universalist Church of Greater Lynn.