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Rosemary Matson

Rosemary Matson died peacefully at her home in September 2014. She was a UU lay leader who worked with Lucile Longview on the Women and Religion Resolution adopted at the 1977 General Assembly. UUWF honored them in 1998 with a Ministry to Women Award.

Rosemary Matson’s memorial service was October 25 in Carmel Valley, California. Liz and Bob Fisher wrote a tribute to Rosemary, an “outrageous older woman” who was often heard to say, “We do not want a piece of the pie. It is still a patriarchal pie. We want to change the recipe.” Download Book of Remembrances compiled by Liz Fisher.

This photo was taken in 1997. Lucile passed on in 2010.

Leaping From Our Spheres

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