Advancing justice for women and girls and promoting their spiritual growth

News – November 2015

We, your UUWF board members, are fresh from our 2nd in-person meeting this year, which we attended last month at the comfortable New Hampshire home of one of our board members, Lynn Thomas. As you may remember, we used to meet in the Eliot and Pickett houses in Boston where the UUWF office was also located, but those buildings have been sold and we have moved to a virtual office.

Our administrative needs are being tended by our capable new administrator, Dana Robb, who owns a business called Barefoot Marketing in Milwaukee. Our next in-person meeting will be there, in Milwaukee, in late March. We have been through many changes over the last 2 years, but we continue to uphold our mission of advancing justice for women and girls and promoting their spiritual growth.

UUWF Board Members L to R: Gretchen, Sue, Kirstie, Beth, Lynn

Some of you have been asking, Where’s the Newsletter (The Communicator)? What are you doing for our congregational group? What are you doing in general? How can we contact you? We will be launching many new initiatives this year and want you to come to our web site and facebook page often to see what’s going on. We are determined to keep you better informed via our electronic and social media. Here are some things you can expect:

  • We encouraged participation in the Planned Parenthood Pink Out Day, as a way of protesting the vicious attacks they have received. Look for our statement in support of the health services of PP, including our $10,000 donation.
  • We will soon be posting a summary of the findings from our recent survey which many of you filled out for us at GA or on-line. We so appreciated your responsiveness and insights.
  • We have sent the signatures of those who visited our booth at GA and signed the thank you cards to Governor Kate Brown of Oregon. She passed legislation allowing women to obtain one full year’s worth of contraceptives at a time (instead of needing to obtain new prescriptions every month or two – a process that often resulted in more unplanned pregnancies, etc.). We thank you for your enthusiastic participation in signing the cards.
  • Rev. Marti Keller writes of our most recent funded and commissioned project, the New Prophetic Sisterhood, that “our advisory circle of ministers from all over the country has created a covenant of actions they promise to undertake in order to use their voices more emphatically on behalf of women and girls.”
  • We will, before long, share with you some plans we are developing for a “convergence of women” a gathering to explore issues and concerns across multiple ages, faiths, races and classes, to be held in the Fall of 2017.

In addition to our regular Blog feature written and posted every week or two by our affiliated minister, Rev. Marti Keller, we plan to add several new regular features to our website including:

  1. News from the Board
  2. Advocacy Actions
  3. What’s Happening?
    A description of the work going on in one selected congregational women’s group per month.
  4. Who’s Talking About Women’s Issues?
    We will contact one of the ministers you mentioned in our survey as being particularly attuned to women’s issues and ask them to share with us about their work.
  5. History of the UUWF
    We recently re-discovered UUWF’s 2 lovely anniversary quilts (20 years; 100 years) amongst boxes of publications, programs and working documents from our history. These will serve as starting points for information about UUWF’s accomplished history.

As always, we wish to thank all members and friends who have supported the UUWF, financially and in myriad other ways, over the more than 50 years since the Unitarian and Universalist women’s organizations merged in 1963. We are together upholding the mission and striving to make UU women’s voices heard more loudly and more clearly, especially in places of power.

Yours Faithfully,
Kirstie Lewis, Ph.D., Board President
Lynn Thomas, Vice President for Funding Programs
Gretchen Ohmann, Vice President for Communications
Sue Boone, Treasurer and Clerk
Rev. Beth Dana, Vice President for Leadership
Rev. Marti Keller, UUWF affiliated minister

Leaping From Our Spheres

Rev. Marti KellerDon’t miss the “little gems full of both passion and facts” in the Blog of UUWF’s Affiliated Minister, Rev. Marti Keller.

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