Advancing justice for women and girls and promoting their spiritual growth

News – February 2016

161_LEWIS,_KIRSTIE_07-2010As your president, I want to let you know I am grateful for the support you have offered the UUWF both financially, emotionally and spiritually, often over many years of steadfast membership.  Our recent annual funding appeal has reached many of you and we want you to know how much your support means, not only to us, but to our constituency – women and girls everywhere.  We, the UUWF Board, have been working:

  • to improve and streamline our communication with you;
  • to commission projects to fund that are inspiring and meet our mission of advancing justice for women and girls and promoting their spiritual growth;
  • to develop relationships with other groups such as SisterSong, RCRC, the Religious Institute and the International Convocation of UU Women in order to grow stronger in numbers and impact;
  • and, to speak out in advocacy louder and more frequently than ever before on behalf of women and girls so that reproductive justice, economic justice and social justice for women and girls will become a reality in our lifetimes.

I hope you will enjoy this newsletter and that it will inspire you to go to our web site and Facebook page for further information and contact. Pay particular attention to the frequent blogs from our affiliated minister, Rev. Marti Keller, where up-to-the-minute information about advocacy efforts is highlighted. We are planning furiously for this year’s GA in Columbus, Ohio, in June where we will present two workshops and have a booth.  We’ll tell you more about our plans as they become firm.  We will also soon be telling you about our next commissioned project which has just begun to stir our excitement.  Our current commissioned project has been the development of the New Prophetic Sisterhood and you can read more about that in this newsletter and in their new website

Perhaps you do not know that our five board members all have 3 year staggered terms; this means we are often looking for interested, committed women to come on-board and serve with us for a term or two, as former board members rotate off.  Consider this your invitation to put your name in the hat if you have an interest to serve in this way.  Give us a call or an email. We’ll get back to you about the open positions we have.  We have monthly teleconferences and bi-annual in-person meetings and the work is meaningful and full-hearted.  We have a great time together.  Your current board members are listed on the Board page of our website,

Spotlight on Exemplary Women Ministers

In 2015, the UUWF surveyed more than 200 UU women about the issues they most care about, which told us that reproductive rights, and the surrounding social justice issues, and economic justice were paramount. We will use this data to help guide our advocacy work and the projects we fund.

Rev Amy Zucker Morgenstern

We also invited respondents to share the names of ministers who are doing exemplary work on issues related to justice for women and girls and/or supporting their spiritual growth.  We plan on sharing the thoughts and experiences of these women and men in the months ahead, through a series of published interviews.

Today we are featuring Rev Amy Zucker Morgenstern, parish minister with the Palo Alto Unitarian Church in Palo Alto, California since 2003. She previously served congregations in Rutland and Middlebury, VT and is best known in the UU world for her blog, Sermons in Stones, which have won several district and continental awards.

Shaya FrenchOur Latest Clara Barton Intern

Shaya French is the latest Clara Barton Intern working in the Multicultural Growth and Witness staff team at UUA Headquarters in Boston, MA. She graduated from Bard College in May 2015 with coursework focusing on ecology, gender and sexuality, and human rights. A lifelong feminist, in college, Shaya studied workplace discrimination, welfare programs for women and children and how the criminal justice system impacts women. While at Bard, Shaya founded the Anti-Racism Collective to engage more white students in racial justice.
Read More about Shaya…

NewPropheticSisterhoodUUThe New Prophetic Sisterhood initiative (NPS) is a new network of fellowshipped Unitarian Universalist women ministers who will covenant to affirm and promote justice and equity for women and girls and promote their spiritual growth.

We commit to using our voices in the pulpit and public square to speak out on issues that affect women and girls, e.g. reproductive justice; economic and racial concerns; gender based violence; women and aging and the status of women in UUism. We will be Engaged, Empowered and Energized by our work together. Read more…

Our UU Foremothers: Lucile Longview was the initiator and primary author of the ground-breaking 1977 Unitarian Universalist Women and Religion Resolution and a crusader for women’s human rights and equality in the family and community. She was a radical visionary in the traditional meaning of the word – addressing the root causes of sexism. The role that patriarchal religion has played in the oppression of women is something that Lucile was deeply committed to exposing. Read More about Lucile

Your UUWF Board meets monthly by phone, and in-person twice a year. This Spring we will meet in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and make time to meet with UU women from the area. You can certainly e-mail us with any questions or thoughts, at

The Bridge 1962 03 Status of Women CommissionBlast from the Past: Take a look at this 1962 issue from The Bridge newsletter, jointly published by the Alliance of Unitarian Women and Association of Universalist Women, not long before they merged to become the UUWF. UUWF Bridge 1962 03 March

Leaping From Our Spheres

Rev. Marti KellerDon’t miss the “little gems full of both passion and facts” in the Blog of UUWF’s Affiliated Minister, Rev. Marti Keller.

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