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Another Mother’s Son

There is unfortunately always some breaking news to report – or more accurately, old news AntiRacismthat is finally getting some print and air time – about sexual violence against women and girls. This week was no exception, from collegiate football players who are apparently being shielded from rape charges in the midst of a winning season; to an esteemed comedian who had been accused for years of drugging and assault; to a gang rape just exposed in a University of Virginia fraternity which has brought to light years of inaction and cover ups of previous known incidents.

The blatant use and misuse of power and privilege to overwhelm, undercut and obliterate the need for legal response and justice.

But for today, rather than point to the commonality, the intersectionality of oppressions, I choose to hold in my heart, to reserve my indignation, and profound discouragement( in light of the decision by a Grand Jury in Missouri to preemptively clear a police officer of any criminal charges in the slaying of an unarmed teenager, yet another young Black male ) for a single form of repression and cruelty.

For today at least I will stay fiercely focused on this act of systemic racism against a mother’s son.

Leaping From Our Spheres

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