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A Real Scandal

A confession: my husband and I (after reading so many rave postings on Facebook by a well-respected UU sister in ministry), have just finished binge watching 40 episodes of the TV program “Scandal” in less than two weeks. This popular series, set in Washington D.C., is a dark and often violent picture of shadow government, White House assignations, torture, assassinations, and monumental corruption. It is engaging and well-acted. It is also cynical and horrifying.

It is a scandalous depiction of our democracy in action. And it is fictional.

In the real Washington D.C. of 2014 next Tuesday (March 25), the U.S. Supreme Court will be hearing two cases challenging the Affordable Care Act’s requirement that insurance companies provide contraception, a preventive health care service, at no cost. The constitutional right to birth control was argued and won decades ago: it is financial access that is at issue here.

UUs rally for social justice

More than 40 for profit companies have sued the federal government because they claim their corporations must follow certain religious laws which in fact trump the health care decision making ability of their female employees. If they work for these companies, contraceptive coverage should not be an option. The cases under consideration by the Court have been brought by Hobby Lobby Inc. (that national chain which sells crafting supplies) and Conestoga Wood Specialties.

This is a real scandal, a situation that should be causing great public outrage as yet another effort to turn back the clock on reproductive justice. This effort to give corporations greater voice in health care decisions than the women who work for them would do just this.

The UU Women’s Federation has been un-wavering and unremitting in its support for contraception — both available and accessible — as a basic human right. We join the Unitarian Universalist Association and other allies in urging the Supreme Court to uphold the rights of women to choose preventive birth control services without economic barriers, and in the process to maintain religious liberty, equality, and economic security.
I will be in D.C. for the hearing: for the rally that morning and to witness the proceedings.

I urge UUWF members and friends to speak out in the ways available to us, and to be with me in body or spirit. To end this scandal.

Leaping From Our Spheres

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