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UUWF Issues Statement on UUA

The United States of America was founded and fostered on many principles, both positive and negative. Two of those principles, spoken and unspoken, are white supremacy and misogyny. They are inextricably linked, along with a host of other identity-based oppressions. As an organization that was born of Women’s Auxiliaries in Unitarian and Universalist congregations, the UU Women’s Federation was created to fight against the subjugation of women. Existing within a greater culture of white supremacy, this sometimes happened at the expense of women of color.

As a board of five white, cisgender women, we know we have work to do. Not just the UU Women’s Federation, not just the Unitarian Universalist Association, but all white Unitarian Universalists must know that we have benefited from first the outright subjugation of people of color, and now the less obvious (but no less painful) pushing away, passing over because ‘you’ don’t ‘fit’ with the team.

Therefore, as the UUWF is committed to justice for women and girls and is an organization that recognizes that white supremacy and patriarchy are deeply intertwined, we support this call to deepen our understanding and hold up a mirror to ourselves and our institutions. We further commit to being an active part of the solution as Unitarian Universalism continues the journey of becoming a fully inclusive and equitable faith community. Indeed it is a moral imperative for groups and institutions to examine the pain we have caused members; not just in the past, but in the present and future.


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