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Rev. Marti KellerDon’t miss the "little gems full of both passion and facts" in the Blog of UUWF’s Affiliated Minister, Rev. Marti Keller.

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UUWF went green in 2010 and began publishing our newsletter, the Communicator, on our website, saving just under 35,000 pieces of paper and $9,000 a year. In 2015 we move to a new format once again, with e-mailed News being sent out on a more regular basis.

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News – October 2016

This month we're excited to introduce our two new Board members! President’s Letter One of the most impactful happenings in my life occurred 25 years ago. I found All Souls Unitarian Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma. As a middle schooler dealing with bullying and difference in the heart of the bible belt, I was in deep...

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News – June 2016

News – June 2016
Greeting from the President Hello UUWF Friends, Dr. Kirstie Lewis My three-year term as the president of the UUWF board is soon coming to an end. There have been many positive developments since my term began in July of 2013 including those described below: We re-imagined our administrative structure, when our long-time executive administrator, Ellen...

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News – March 2016

News – March 2016
Dear members and friends of the UUWF, As you can see in this latest newsletter, we have been continuing and expanding our work on behalf of justice for women and girls. We have many activities that are relatively new such as the New Prophetic Sisterhood program and much of our advocacy work, but we need...

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News – February 2016

News – February 2016
As your president, I want to let you know I am grateful for the support you have offered the UUWF both financially, emotionally and spiritually, often over many years of steadfast membership.  Our recent annual funding appeal has reached many of you and we want you to know how much your support means, not only...

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News – November 2015

News – November 2015
We, your UUWF board members, are fresh from our 2nd in-person meeting this year, which we attended last month at the comfortable New Hampshire home of one of our board members, Lynn Thomas. As you may remember, we used to meet in the Eliot and Pickett houses in Boston where the UUWF office was also...

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News – June 2015

News – June 2015
Eleven years ago, the UUWF surveyed women to discover what issues were most relevant and of greatest concern to them. Now, in 2015, we are launching another survey in order to give us a brief look at what issues matter most to women today. We are also interested in the role our congregations are playing...

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Archives 2014 and before are all in PDF format.

Fall 2014 Communicator

UUWF: A Congregation Beyond • Report from Our Clara Barton Intern • A "Hot" Message from Your President • Presenting Our 2014 Grant Recipients • Thanking Our Donors • Welcoming New Board Members

Spring 2013 Communicator

Celebrating UUWF at 50! • Reproductive Justice: A Legacy and Ongoing Commitment •Well Done and Welcome • Thanking Our Donors • UUWF Honors Program Unites Women In Sisterhood • A Year of Transformation: Reflections of the UUWF Clara Barton Intern

Summer 2012 Communicator

UUWF at GA 2012: Advocating for Justice for Women and Girls • UUWF's 50th Anniversary Year Approaches • Bylaws changes Reconfigure Board of Trustees • Grant Projects Enhance UUWF's Participation in the 2012 General Assembly • Leadership Changes: New Board Member, Funding Panelists Are Appointed • Honoring UU Women

Spring 2012 Communicator

Recent Website Postings and Links • Commissioning Projects • Scholarships Available • Meet the New UUWF Clara Barton Intern • Thanking Our Donors • International Women's Day

Summer 2011 Communicator

Of Anniversaries, Synergy and the Work Yet Ahead • Presenting Our 2011 Funding Recipients • Rev. Debra Haffner Receives Ministry to Women Award • How Do Women in Your Congregation Gather?

Summer 2010

What Would Margaret Think? • Leadership Changes at UUWF • Matson Papers Donated to Schlesinger Library • Thanking Our Congregational Donors

Spring 2010

UUWF is Going Green • UUA Restructures UUWF Clara Barton Internship for Women's Issues • Resources Available from Our Grant Projects • Creating a Margaret Fuller Tea • UUWF at GA 2010 • From the UUWF Clara Barton Intern • Honor Your Hard-Working Women with a Clara Barton Sisterhood

Nov/Dec 2009

Honoring the Guidance & Love of Marjorie Bowens-Wheatley • 2009 Equity & Justice and Margaret Fuller Grant Recipients • A Memorable Year for UUWF • Supporting Women of Color in Our UU Ministry • IALRW Centennial Congress • "Standing on the Side of Love" Among Focus Intern's Work

March 2009

UUA Presidential Candidates Speak Out on Issues Unique to Women • Meet the New UUWF Clara Barton Intern • Three by Three: Responses to Questions Posed to Candidates for the UUA Presidency

December 2008

A Faith-Based Case for Comprehensive Sexuality Education • What Are Women's Issues? • Join the UUSC in Protecting Women & Girls in Dafur • Seeking Men as Allies in UUWF's Work • Have You Included UUWF in Your Planned Giving?

September 2008

Telling a New Economic Story: Real Wealth Depends on Caring & Sharing • The Goals and Promise of the International Convocation of U*U Women • Introducing "UUWF in a Box"

March/April 2008

UUWF Grants Progam Renamed: 2008 Recipients Announced • UUWF Co-Signs Amicus Brief Supporting Access to Contraception Prescriptions • Become Part of an Equity & Justice Grant Project • The Story Behind One Member's Gift • Margaret Fuller Raises $1,000 for UUWF • Working on the International Violence Against Women Act