Advancing justice for women and girls and promoting their spiritual growth

Funding Programs

Unitarian Universalist Women’s Federation Funding Programs

If you would like to apply for any of UUWF’s grant programs, please read the goals of our grant programs (below) to ensure that your scholarship, project or idea falls within our guidelines.

Marjorie Bowens Wheatley Scholarship

Providing direct financial support to aspirants or candidates to the Unitarian Universalist ministry, or candidates in the UUA’s religious education or music leadership programs, who identify as women of color, Latina, or Hispanic.

More information on our Marjorie Bowens Wheatley Scholarship page. Applications must be submitted online.

UUWF Equity & Justice Grants Program

Funds bold, innovative projects that effect positive social change.

Equity and Justice welcomes inquiries addressing a wide range of issues consistent with UU principles and which emphasize the achievement of social justice for women in areas such as: women’s health; abortion/reproductive rights; age discrimination; war; human rights; poverty; unemployment; LGBTQ concerns; domestic violence; child abuse; and job discrimination.

LEAD ORG – UU women’s groups, primarily in congregations.

The intent of this program is to fund innovative projects that affect positive social change and address issues of gender equity & justice for women and girls.

Request for matching grants are viewed favorably.

Funding is issued only to 501(c)3 organizations: if your organization or group does not have this status, the board of a 501(c)3 organization must agree to act as your fiscal agent.

More information on our Equity and Justice Grants page.

UUWF Margaret Fuller Grants Program

Supports Unitarian Universalist women in scholarly, creative, and prophetic explorations of religious feminisms.

Grants are made to Unitarian Universalist women for scholarly/creative projects that explore feminist thought and action within a religious or spiritual context. This includes works that could be called “womanist,” “mujerista,” eco-feminist, or woman centered. For example it can include an analysis of first, second, or third wave feminist writings and related activities. It is work that is able to create, define, clarify, illuminate, develop, share and birth feminist theology from a UU point of view. We are interested in projects that will contribute to the feminist transformations of our UU community and the larger world.

More information on our Margaret Fuller Grants page.

Funding priorities/Criteria

The intent of this program is to fund innovative, challenging & accessible projects that have connections to contemporary issues. Projects might take the form of poetry, drama, ritual, song, curriculum for youth or adults, theological analyses of the lives and writings of diverse feminists, or scholarly descriptions of feminist/womanist theories and theologies.

Projects must result in a product that can be shared widely with UU women — such as a book, curriculum materials, program outlines/descriptions, DVDs, audio recordings, workshop templates, or publishable articles. Applications for events such as conferences or workshops must detail tangible outcomes or products that will result from the event.

Grants are generally made to individuals, although group projects can be considered. We prefer new or innovative projects inspired by the interests of women within congregations or within other community or educational settings. We also prefer projects with plans for income from diverse sources.

If your project or program aligns with either of these grant programs, please send a 2-page Letter of Inquiry including:

  • Executive summary (including which program you are applying for)
  • Statement of Need – Why does this project need to happen now?
  • Project Activity – What specifically will the grant be funding?
  • Intended Outcomes – What do you hope the activity will lead to?
  • Credentials/Background – Who (or what organization) is involved & what is their connection to the project or topic?
  • Budget Outline – how much are you requesting from UUWF, and the percentage of other funding sources (potential or confirmed)

Send to with subject line “Letter of Inquiry for Grants Program – Organization/Name” or mail to UUWF, 3322 N. 92nd Street, Milwaukee, WI 53222.

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