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Board of Trustees

Claire-Sexton-300wPresident/Chief Executive Officer
Claire Sexton (2019)*
Waco, TX
Sue Boone (2020)*
UUs of Clearwater, FL
Largo, FL
Vice President/Recruitment and Outreach
Marissa Gutiérrez-Vicario (2020)*
New York, NY
Vice President/Communications
Jess Bors (2021)*
DRE Buxmont UU Fellowship
Easton, PA
Vice President/Funding Programs
Position open
Rev. Marti KellerUUWF’s Affiliated Minister
Rev. Marti Keller
More about Rev. Keller…

Dana Robb, Administrator

* = eligible to serve another term

Many thanks to past board members who have served recently:

Justice-Waidner-Smith-300wPresident/Chief Executive Officer
Justice Waidner-Smith (2017)
Tulsa, OK



Vice PRev-Beth-Dana-2015-2resident/Recruitment and Outreach
Rev. Beth Dana (2017)
currently serving First Unitarian Church Dallas TX
Dallas, TX


President/Chief Executive Officer
Kirstie Lewis, PhD (2016)
East Shore Unitarian Church
Bellevue, WA


Vice President/Funding Programs
Lynn Thomas (2016)
Meredith, NH
Church of the Larger Fellowship



Vice President/Leadership Development
Kathy Calhoun (2015)
First Unitarian Church, Dallas, TX

Leaping From Our Spheres

Rev. Marti KellerDon’t miss the “little gems full of both passion and facts” in the Blog of UUWF’s Affiliated Minister, Rev. Marti Keller.

UUWF’s Affiliated Ministry