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Reproductive Justice Resources

During the first week of every month there's something happening among the UUA's Reproductive Justice Community. UUA's Congregational Resource Packet on Reproductive Justice Congregational Curriculum on Reproductive Justice, also from the UUA UUs for Reproductive Justice Facebook Group

Leaping from Our Spheres

-- The Blog of UUWF's Affiliated Minister

Dr. Willie Parker Speaks

Rev. Barbara Prose

Rev. Barbara Prose

The women wept.
The women cheered.
The women clapped.

“I feel free, for the first time in my life. I’ve never felt so free,” she said as she hugged me and wouldn’t let me go.

And the men wept, cheered and clapped too. “It’s my story too,” the father told me as he hugged and thanked me for bringing Dr. Willie Parker to Tulsa. Continue reading

Female Heroes

Suffragette_posterThe headline on the Philadelphia Inquirer feature story by reporter Steven Rea says it all: “Female Heroes Fight for Change.”

His was not a piece about Super Girls or Wonder Women or any of the animated Disney princesses who are breaking welcome new ground in movies or television.

His interview with Carey Mulligan, star of Suffragette, focused on providing historical background for this lightly fictionalized account of the early 20th century movement to win the right to vote for women in Great Britain. The movie dramatizes the hard lives and extraordinary valor of the real women—rich and poor alike—that eventually led to universal franchise by 1928. Continue reading

Parliament of the World’s Religions

By Rev. Tracy Sprowls

By Rev. Tracy Sprowls

In 1893, several thousand people gathered together on the shore of Lake Michigan in Chicago for the first World’s Parliament of Religions. On the first day of this first Parliament, 4000 people watched as twelve representatives from different religious traditions walked into the great hall holding hands and, simultaneously, a bell tolled for each of the world’s great religions. While neither Unitarianism nor Universalism was represented in this parade, among the planners was Jenkin Lloyd Jones, a Unitarian and a supporter of the Iowa Sisterhood. At that Parliament so long ago, the major speakers included nineteen women, one of whom was the Unitarian, Julia Ward Howe; an unprecedented number for that day and age. Continue reading

Super Girl: Will She Right the Gender Wrongs?

supergirlBack Story: I am not, in general, a comic book fan or, more specifically, a fan of super heroes, male or female. As a child I favored Betty and Veronica, mostly unaware that for a half century there have been Supergirl comics and other DC and Marvel equivalents, including Wonder Woman. My historical perspective on comics is non-existent, as is any in-depth knowledge of the family trees and plot lines of these print and film stories in which, as writer Dave Itzkhoff has described them, women “wear capes, fly through the sky, and throw colossal punches.”

Continue reading

Truthiness (ˈtro͞oTHēnis/)

truthinessComedian Stephen Colbert first appropriated and gave new life to this rarely used word during the 2005 pilot episode of his long-running Colbert Report.

While its original archaic meaning was “truthfulness, faithfulness,” as used in common vernacular truthiness is a quality characterizing a “truth” that a person making an argument or assertion claims to know intuitively “from the gut” or because it “feels right” without regard to evidence, logic, intellectual examination, or facts.

Since it reemerged and was redefined, Truthiness has been used to chastise fact-twisting journalists, reality-bending memoirists, and truthy politicians who have made up “data” to bolster their fame and fortune. Continue reading

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