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Leaping from Our Spheres

Rev. Marti KellerDon’t miss the "little gems full of both passion and facts" in the Blog of UUWF’s Affiliated Minister, Rev. Marti Keller.

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Actions for Women's Justice

UUWF Signs on to Cole Amicus

December 23, 2015 — The UUWF has signed on to the only faith-based amicus brief being submitted to the Supreme Court for its deliberations on Whole Woman’s Health V. Cole. Read More about “”

Actions and Events

Our UUWF Foremothers

Lucile Longview was the initiator and primary author of the ground-breaking 1977 Unitarian Universalist Women and Religion Resolution and a crusader for women’s human rights and equality in the family and community. She was a radical visionary in the traditional meaning of the word – addressing the root causes of sexism. The role that patriarchal religion has played in the oppression of women is something that Lucile was deeply committed to exposing. Read More about “”


Reproductive Justice Resources

During the first week of every month there's something happening among the UUA's Reproductive Justice Community. UUA's Congregational Resource Packet on Reproductive Justice Congregational Curriculum on Reproductive Justice, also from the UUA UUs for Reproductive Justice Facebook Group

Leaping from Our Spheres

-- The Blog of UUWF's Affiliated Minister

Under Those Capitol Domes

atlanta domeTwenty years ago I was spending most days under the gold dome of the state capitol in Atlanta. The dome is literally gold, mined in Dahlonega, Georgia, site of the first major gold rush in this country in 1839. Every morning I would don my dress for success—or at least gravitas—suit, my black pumps, my conservative jewelry purchased at a major department store counter. Took the rapid transit to a station directly across from the imposing building. Continue reading

After Roe, Who Leads?

SisterSong_webinarBy Shaya French

The anniversary of Roe v. Wade is right around the corner. UUs have played an important role in the struggle for reproductive rights. We continue to face a strong anti-reproductive health movement from the right. At the same time, we are called to be intersectional in the way we think about issues. How do we do that? We need to take our lead from women of color—leaders of the reproductive justice movement—who have a clear vision of the links between reproductive, race, environmental, class, LGBTQ and disability issues.

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A Force to Be Reckoned With

carrie fisherA female actor in her late fifties is offered a small part in what turns out to be potentially the biggest box office movie ever. She reprises the role that propelled her into stardom more than 30 years earlier: albeit much older, sadder and wiser. While her male co-star, also returning to a part that fast tracked him into Hollywood fame, is given a generous pass for his inevitable aging, she is not.

She is called old and unattractive. She is body shamed.

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Wherein Lies Some Hope

hopeColleague UU minister Meg Riley, who serves our Church of the Larger Fellowship, has been sending out morning conversation starters to her CLF Monthly Theme Discussion Group around this month’s theme of hope. Where are the sources for us, personally, and for an especially battered world in 2015? One of them was the hope she finds in teamwork, the strength of collective power—as she wrote—collective joy. Continue reading

The Social Sex

social sexA recent article in the science section of my daily newspaper examined the phenomenon of high tech artificial friends for the aging—the ranks, as the story noted, of older and frail adults who are alone and often lonely, still in their own homes. Many, if not most of them, female.


The University of Illinois has received a $1.5 million grant to at least explore the idea of creating small drones that will assist in simple household chores. These robots and innovative internet-connected technologies, such as programmed Skype connections, are being developed to meet both the crucial practical and social needs of a rapidly increasing population.

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